Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rimmel Brow This Way

Brow This Way is a brow gel that comes in a small tube with a spoolie applicator, priced at £3.99.

I've read quite a few negative reviews about this product but I love it. Admittedly yes, it does hold way too much product on the applicator, but this is easily solved by putting the product on to another brush and combing through the brows. I personally run the product through my brows then use a clean spoolie to run it through, leaving the brows covered perfectly, well defined and set in place for the whole day. 

It's very lightweight and doesn't leave a hard or crispy feeling to the brows. This is available in 4 shades, including clear, blonde, mid brown and dark brown. 

I use the shade blonde and it matches perfectly. I'm so glad I've found this product it's perfect for my brows, leaving them looking darker and thicker but still very natural.

How did you get on with this product? What is your favourite product for the brows?


  1. I have the clear brow this way and even though my brows are thick, it tends to attack them, but your tip is great! Im defiantly going to be using it from now on.

    Summa x

  2. seems like a good product.
    I just use a basic brow liner on my brows to fill 'em in.

    loving your blog dear,
    I am now following you through Bloglovin.

    ❤❤ Nybel
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  3. I've got the clear version and I'm in love, I feel that it holds the eyebrow powder in place for longer! Just to let you know I've nominated you for a blogging award, the Liebster Award, all the information about it is on my blog for you.

    Danielle xx
    | Student to Staff Nurse |


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