Sunday, 2 November 2014

MUA Cover & Conceal in Fair

MUA Cover & Conceal is described as a lightweight cover-up for imperfections, including under-eye circles, spots and blemishes. It is available in three shades - Almond, Fair and Natural and retails at £1.50. 

I picked up the shade Fair to use as an under-eye concealer. It comes in a standard lipgloss like tube with a doe-foot applicator, making it very easy to use. It has a creamy lightweight texture that is really blendable and produces a flawless finish. I dab some product onto my under-eye area using the applicator and then use the Real Techniques Contour Brush to blend it in. It gives a dewy finish and leaves my face looking much more awake and fresh. There is sign of creasing and does not cling to dry patches or irritate my eyes. You can pick this up from Superdrug or the MUA website.

What is your favourite budget concealer? 

Friday, 31 October 2014


I've loved the dogtooth pattern for a long time now and recently found the perfect skirt. I found it on depop and had to have it, but it is originally from Missguided. I think it looks perfect teamed with a long sleeved black crop top, chunky boots and a berry lip for autumn. 

Top: Primark
Skirt: Depop/Missguided

How do you dress skirts up for autumn?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Latest in Beauty Box: Glamour Beauty Power List

Latest in Beauty have teamed up with Glamour Magazine to create a box filled with products featured on the Glamour Beauty Power List. The box costs only £15.99 with delivery and the products chosen are said to have a value of over £80 which is amazing. Lets see what's inside.. 

The box firstly contained a sheet containing information on all the products that were included. I found this very useful to be able to read a bit about the products before actually trying them. The box also comes with a promotional code so you can get a years subscription to Glamour Magazine for your tablet or phone. 

Look at all those lovely products! I already knew what was included in the box when I bought it but I was still so excited to actually open it and try them out for myself. I haven't tried all of the products yet but I'll talk through my first thoughts on them. 

The first item in the box was the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray. This is a 60ml sample size spray bottle but is a great size to be able to fully try the product, and is worth £6.95. This is a leave in conditioner which aims to protect against heat, styling and breakage as well as helping to detangle the hair, adding shine and banishing frizz. The smell is lovely and I'm really excited to try this product. My hair is currently quite dry and I'm hoping this leave in conditioner may help it to recover and I do have high hopes for this product.

The next item was the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. This was the main reason why I ordered this box. I've never tried any Laura Mercier products but I've wanted to for ages and I've heard so many good things about them so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this. This is a 30ml sample size which again is a great size to be able to try it. I haven't used this yet so no comments about it's impact on the longevity of my makeup but I was surprised by the consistency of it when swatching on my hand - it's quite a watery gel. I will keep you updated on how I find it. This 30ml tube is worth an amazing £19 (more than the box cost!). 

James Read Sleep Mask is the one product I'm not too sure about. It is a 25ml tube that is worth £12.50. This is a self tan sleep mask that you apply before bed, and wake up to a sun kissed complexion. I'll have to keep you updated on this as I'm not sure how likely it is I'll wake up with an orange face. 

I've read lots of rave reviews about the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara and I was so excited to try it. This mascara is full size and is worth £9.99. It has actually replaced my Benefit's They're Real Mascara currently as it gives the same amount of volume but without the clumps and looks much more natural. 

The next product included was the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick from 'The Nudes' collection. Each box contained one of the five shades from the collection. I received the shade 'Honey Beige'. I would have preferred one of the lighter shades due to my paler skin but I'm still very happy with this and will definitely still wear it. This is a full sized product worth £6.99.

The Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Makeup Remover Wipes contains 10 pure cotton wipes aimed specifically at eye makeup removal. They contain aloe extract and olive oil to condition and soothe. This packet is full size and is worth £6 and will be perfect to take on weekends away. 

The last item in the box was a 30ml tube of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser plus a Liz Earle muslin cloth. This is my favourite cleanser and I was happy to receive this sample size for weekends away or holidays. It was beautifully wrapped in Liz Earle tissue paper too. This tube is worth £5.50. 

I still can't believe this box only cost £15.99 considering the amount of amazing products it contained. I'd definitely recommend buying this while it is still available as it really is incredible value. You can purchase the box here.

Have you bought this box or thinking about it? Do you think beauty boxes are worth the money?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Vampy Lipsticks

(Left to Right - Diva, 107, Viva La Glam V, Rio Rio, Magnetism)

Hello! The berry shades are now taking the place of the peachy pinks in my current make up routine and I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you.

MAC Diva - This is a deep burgundy red that has a matte finish. It is creamy in application but I've found it to be quite drying on the lips but a lip balm on top can solve this.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss - 107 - This is a deep berry shade which most people and their dogs own or know about. It is the perfect autumn shade and has great staying power and is not at all drying.

MAC Viva La Glam V - This is definitely a MLBB (my lips but better) shade and I can imagine it works well on all skin tones. It is quite a sheer colour with a slight glittery appearance. In the tube it looks more brown but it is pink when swatched. 

Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio - Rio Rio is a beautiful red shade with orange undertones. This is my go-to red lipstick and it's such a lovely colour. It is matte and extremely pigmented. It is not drying and has great staying power.

Illamasqua Magnetism - Magnetism is a deep raspberry pink which is creamy in texture with a glossy sheen. 

What is your go to lipstick for autumn?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn Nails

(Left to Right - Basil Street, Copper, Mystic, Potion, Teal, Black Multi Glitter) it is now officially autumn and everyones getting in the mood for the colder months and the coats are coming out, so has the autumn-coloured nail polishes. Here are my current favourites and the ones I've been turning to lately. 

Nails Inc - Basil Street - This is the perfect nude nail polish that applies like a dream. I have done a full review of this here.

Barry M - Copper Glitter - This shade reminds me completely of autumn. Coppery gold with hints of glitter - what's not to love?

Topshop Matte Nails - Mystic - I love matte nail varnishes and this deep berry shade is gorgeous. It looks so good on the nails and is perfect for the colder months to add a pop of colour without it being too bright.

17 Nail Polish - Potion - This is such an interesting colour. In the bottle it has a dark green/teal outside and is lighter green on the inside. When painted on the nails it makes me feel like a mermaid, and it looks different in different lighting which I love.

Barry M - Teal - I love this deep teal colour. It has a slight shimmer to it but looks lovely on the nails.

Barry M - Black Multi Glitter - I love a good black nail polish. I think it looks so sophisticated and I like the little bit of glitter in this.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Granny Takes a Dip

Granny Takes a Dip is a psychedelic bath bomb, that is scented with ginger, pepper and lemon. It costs £3.25 and the lemon oil aims to pep you up and boost your mood whilst the ginger and pepper are warming.

It is such a lovely bath bomb. From the minute it touched the bath water, the water was filled with colour and was beautiful. It was quite a slow bath bomb and it was quiet, but I enjoyed watching the colours develop in the bath and it was different to any I've used previously. As it contains ginger, I thought the strong may be quite strong but it was not over powering, and the smell did not linger as long as I thought it would.

I enjoyed using this bath bomb but was slightly disappointed that it did not leave my skin feeling soft when I got out. But for a nice, relaxing, extremely colourful bath it did the job. The bath bomb is pretty big too so it is completely worth the money and can even be broken up for separate baths.

Have you tried this bath bomb? What's your favourite bath bomb from Lush?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Soap & Glory Heel Genius Review

Hello and sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been super busy with trying to sort my life out and figure out what I want to do now university is over so my blog kind of slipped down the pile..but I'm back! I thought I would review this Heel Genius by Soap & Glory as I have quite mixed feelings about it... 

All I've seen about this product is rave reviews - it has left people with such soft and moisturised feet but I don't know if it is just me but I just can't get along with this product.

Personally, I don't like the feeling of moisturiser on my feet. Yeah I know, it's good for my skin but I just don't like it. I had this bought for me and before just putting it to the side I thought I'd actually give it a try. My first finding was that it made my feet feel quite slimy which was horrible as it didn't seem to soak into my skin very fast.

Soap & Glory advises putting this on and then sleeping in cotton socks whilst it soaks in overnight. I cannot sleep in socks so this wouldn't work for me but going to bed with feet that are slipping around is also a no-go. I tried putting it on during the day and then wearing socks so I could take them off at night but I just didn't really see the benefits.

It may just be the way I am - I really don't like the feeling this product gives me but it may work much better for those with dry/flaky feet but it just isn't for me. I think that if I really need the extra moisture on my feet I may just stick to normal moisturiser rather than this. 

Have you tried this product? Any other products you would recommend that may change my mind? 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tiny Tea Review

Hello lovelies! So I recently bought the 14 day Tiny Tea Teatox and I thought I'd share with you how I found it. 

THE PRODUCT - This tea is designed to nourish and cleanse your digestive system. This cleanse or 'teatox' will assist with easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, reducing weight, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances. This tea is formulated with Chinese medicinal herbs and is the only herbal cleanse on the market that does not produce a laxative effect. 

DELIVERY - The delivery for this was very fast, with it arriving in a few days after ordering. The 14 day teatox cost £20 and there was an additional postage cost.

PACKAGING - I was very happy when I opened the box and saw this super cute package inside! It is a cardboard box with cute pink prints on it and the packets of tea are also really pretty.

INSTRUCTIONS - You are advised to drink 3 cups of tea a day to help carry out the cleanse. They are to be consumed 30 minutes prior to eating but can also be drank 30 minutes after eating. It is advised to steep the tea bag in boiling water for 5-7 minutes.

TASTE - I found this to have quite an earthy taste, which isn't that bad but wasn't my favourite. It is not a sweet tea, and if you don't like the taste of tea I wouldn't really recommend it. It is suggested that you can add honey and/or lemon to it which I found to make it taste much better and actually quite nice. 

MEAL PLAN - The YourTea website provides an optional meal plan that you can find here. This provides a list of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 14 days whilst you carry out your teatox and if you choose a longer one I guess you would repeat meals. I personally didn't follow this plan as I thought it may be a lot of work sticking to these meals and instead I just stuck to my own healthy eating plan. 

TIMING - YourTea advises drinking the tea 30 minutes before or after eating. This made me much more conscious about eating times which I guess is a positive. I had to plan what times I would be eating so that I could have my tea half an hour before and so on. Some negatives of this is that I found it quite awkward to stick to, especially if I had to go out somewhere or I was out for lunch, I'd have to come home and catch up later which wasn't the best. I also found that it was difficult to drink in the morning. Having this before my breakfast left me feeling hungry whilst waiting 30 minutes but having it after my breakfast just made it feel quite pointless but that might just be me. I chose the 14 day option, but there is also a 28 day option. I thought the two week option was perfect and personally I think it would be hard to stick to for longer than I did. 

SIDE EFFECTS - On the YourTea website it says that you can experience minor skin breakouts or an upset stomach for the first few days, due to the nature of the cleanse. I did not experience any of these personally so I am lucky but I have seen that some people have. 

RESULTS - I found that I had a much flatter stomach after drinking this. I didn't realise that my stomach was actually bloated and it helped to reduce this really well. I also had much clearer skin and so much more energy. It does not cause weight loss by itself but assists it and having all this energy meant I was more active and enjoyed going to the gym more. I did lose weight and I felt my stomach was much flatter. I also experienced a huge reduction in cravings for bad food whilst drinking the tea and didn't feel that hungry during the day. I didn't gain the weight that I'd lost when I stopped which was really good and it's just left me feeling much better.  

OTHER PRODUCTS - The tea I tried was directly aimed at weight loss but YourTea makes a lot of different teas with different properties depending on what you want the tea for. This includes Her Tea, Man Tea, Anti-C Tea and others you can see here.

I'd definitely recommend this to others if you are looking to lose weight or maybe just reduce bloating and help your digestive system out a little bit. I was lucky that it helped my body and I didn't experience any of the side effects but everyone is different and just because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone so please remember that. 

Have you tried tiny tea or any other type of weight loss tea? Do you think it's worth it?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

NOTD | Basil Street

I've recently rediscovered my love for nudes - especially on the lips. Whilst having a little sort through my big bag of nail polishes I came across the beautiful Basil Street by Nails Inc and instantly fell back in love with it. 

I love that it is a paler nude (if that makes sense?). It is almost the colour of natural nails, and the formula is lovely, easily gliding on to the nails without any gloopyness or lumps and bumps and only took two coats to be completely opaque. You can buy it HERE for £11 and I think it is such a lovely colour and totally worth the price. I also have 'Mushroom' by Barry M and I think that it is a much darker/brown toned shade and wasn't what I was hoping for.

Are you loving nude colours at the minute? 


Monday, 25 August 2014

Liebster Award #2

I've been nominated again! This time by the gorgeous Beth at The BW Fashion so go check out her blog!  In case any of you aren't familiar with the award, it's a way to help new bloggers promote each other and become more well known.

The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you by linking their blog.
2. Answer 11 questions the nominator gave to you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated by contacting them.

Beth's Questions

It would have to be mascara - I look completely dead without it. I have pale eyelashes so my eyes just look horrid without it. I'm loving Benefit's They're Real at the minute.

This is difficult! Obviously you can get some bargains in the drugstore than can be complete dupes of high end products at half the price, but high end makeup just gets me excited and it usually feels so much better on my skin!

Instagram definitely. 

I've had a soft spot for Ed Westwick for a long time now so I think it might have to be him. Or Ryan Gosling. Or David Beckham. Am I allowed all three?! 

Blair Waldorf. She's just the queen of style and attitude isn't she? I love how she knows what she wants and she has Chuck. What more could you want?

I'd have to go with handbags! I love buying them and I just feel like I get so much more wear out of them.

I don't think this is that embarrassing but I've had a few weird looks when friends have seen Destinys Child - Say My Name on my iPod. I personally love the song!

Topshop! I could buy all the clothes shoes and accessories I wanted and still be able to splurge on beauty products too!

Hopefully I've discovered what I want to do as a job and I am happy in that. I would also like to be getting closer to the marriage/children part but who knows?

I don't think I have one.

To figure out what I want to do in life, for my friends and family to be happy and healthy and just a nice, happy life.

Who I Tag
1. Jade - Jadey Bug
2. Victoria - Exceptional Forever
3. Rachy - Rachy McKenzie
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5. Sunaina - Sunaina
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Questions for you!
1. What is your favourite book, film and TV series?
2. What would you say your statement look is? (Beauty & Fashion)
3. What are the top five places you want to visit and why?
4. What is your biggest fear?
5. What is your all time favourite skincare, makeup item and haircare product?
6. Do you prefer makeup or fashion?
7. What is your dream job?
8. What are three things you cannot live without?
9. What was the last thing you bought that you were disappointed with?
10. If you could be a character from a film or tv series, who would you choose and why?
11. What is your ideal holiday? City break, beach or camping?

Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your posts! 

Daisy Kind of Day

Hello lovelies! As summer is nearly over (I'm holding on as long as I can) and I've fallen in love with the daisy print, I thought I'd do a little post on just that - daisies.

I LOVE the Marc Jacobs perfumes. Daisy has been my go-to perfume for years now and I love it - it is such a fresh, summery scent that I don't think I will ever get sick of. I recently got bought Daisy Dream for my birthday and I hadn't heard about it but I fell in love as soon as I had smelt it. It has a fruity, floral fragrance, containing notes of blackberry, pear and fresh grapefruit. And did I mention the bottles? SO cute. 

I bought both an anklet and a bracelet from Depop for around £2 each and I just think they are so nice. I haven't worn my anklet yet, which I really need to before it's too cold for my ankles to be out! But I'm loving the bracelet and have received many compliments on it.

And to finish I obviously had to purchase the daisy hair bobble from primark. It just adds a little something to my hair when I'm having one of those boring/lazy hair-needs-to-be-off-my-face type of days, you know which I mean?

Are you a big fan of daisies or are you more of a sunflower type girl? 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

MAC Snob

Hello! Hope you're all having a nice sunday. So I've been shopping and have a new addition to my collection of MAC lipsticks! MAC describes 'Snob' as a ladylike mauve (huh?), but I would describe it as a baby pink with lavender undertones.

This lipstick is very pigmented and is seriously long lasting. It has a much more vibrant appearance than you would think by looking at the tube.

This lipstick is completely matte, and I think the satin finish isn't the most flattering, making my lips look quite fake.

It doesn't dry out my lips which is a big benefit and I'm definitely impressed with it.

I'm very pale skinned and I think this colour is more suited to that. You can see the lavender undertones on display in the above picture where the lipstick has been swatched on my hand (ignore the really chipped nail varnish! oops). The colour can be a bit overpowering to wear every day but can be toned down with a lipgloss.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick? Do you prefer bold colours or do you play it safe?


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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Illamasqua Haul

 I was recently very naughty and saw that Illamasqua were having an online sale so I obviously had to have a dabble. I thought I would share what I bought with you. 

Firstly, I saw that a few of their lipsticks were on sale. I LOVE a good lipstick and I obviously had to take advantage of this. I've never tried an Illamasqua lipstick and for that reason alone I had to add a few to my basket. I went for the shades Fable and Magnetism and both of these were £7.50 each.

- Fable - 

- Magnetism - 

I also added a lipgloss to my basket. I'm going to be honest and say I'm not big on lip glosses because I find them too gloopy and sticky on my lips usually. The shade is called Frenzy and the colour of this lipgloss is what made me give it a try (and it was only £5!).

Finally, I thought I would try one of their powdered eyeshadows. I went for Succumb which is a pale colour which I thought was perfect for me as I'm not big on bright eyeshadows and from first try I'm loving it! This was only £7.50.

So, that's what I bought! I will review each product and let you know how they all shape up! I'd definitely recommend having a look at the sale if you're interested in Illamasqua as I saved around £40 from buying this! 


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